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We Offer a Variety of Massage in Los Angeles

Whether you are looking for a treatment to reduce the signs of aging, are looking for stress reduction or an energy boost, specialized massage can offer a variety of health and beauty benefits. We offer a broad range of treatments, from acupressure facelifts to hot and cold stone massages. With some of our treatments, you can maximize the benefits of massage by obtaining treatments weekly, and then decreasing to monthly maintenance of lasting positive effects, which you will experience.

Arrange a Corporate Chair Massage in LA

If you are a business executive, it is likely that you will have stored up a considerable amount of muscular tension due to stress. Because tension and pain can affect your performance by causing a distraction, you should arrange a corporate chair massage in LA at your place of work. One of our professionals can set up an unobtrusive massage chair right where you work and help to eliminate your stress. If you have a hectic, fast-paced lifestyle, finding the time to engage in important relaxation can be difficult, but this massage option can help you use spare moments in the workplace constructively.

We can provide Expert Thai Massage in Los Angeles

Our massage service is comprised of a number of massage professionals who are highly trained and offer specialization in various alternative massage therapies. Thai massage uses gentle stretching and pressure application techniques to work with joints and skeletal structure to increase flexibility, balance energies, alleviate muscle tension and stimulate the body’s organs. Thai massage sessions last approximately two hours and can either be performed at your choice of location or at our tranquil treatment center, the choice is up to you.

Enjoy a Massage in Malibu

If you live in Malibu, we can come to your home and provide you with a relaxing massage or an energy-releasing massage. Malibu is just one of the areas to which we extend our massage services – we also service Southbay, West LA, Greater LA, San Fernando Valley and many other areas – you can view the whole list on our website. You can also read up about the numerous different treatments we offer and decide which treatments you would like to book. Massage gift certificates also make fantastic gifts for friends and family.


When life starts to get a little too rough and you need to find a way to unwind, there are few relaxation techniques quite as successful as massage. When a professional massage therapist takes charge of those aches, pains and knots you will instantly feel yourself melting into blissful serenity; your worries completely forgotten.

If you are looking for a Los Angeles massage therapist you have definitely landed on the right site.


When you are on the hunt for a session of therapeutic massage in Los Angeles, no team is better than the LA Body Points team. These highly skilled and trained ‘Body Specialists' are fully committed to taking the art of massage to a new level. Each of these specialists is carefully selected for their skill and professionalism. So when you book your Los Angeles massage treatment you know you are getting your money's worth. LA Body Points is all about customer satisfaction – these specialists know exactly what your body needs in order to keep it balanced and relaxed. Portable speaker sets, soothing music, all natural oils and your environment transformed into a sanctuary atmosphere all come together to offer you an unforgettable massage in LA.

These specialists not only offer you the best traditional massage in LA but there are also a variety of other treatments available. The following styles are fantastic therapeutic massage in Los Angeles:

All the therapies listed above are designed to improve your overall well-being. A balanced life is a healthy life, and all of these techniques are centered around keeping your body balanced and in harmony. LA Body Points can help you achieve a state of calm, refreshed relaxation so you will definitely want to consider making a reservation.


When you want to book your Los Angeles massage there are a variety of different location options available to you. If you are having a tough day at the office a Body Specialist can pay you a visit at work to give you an energy booster massage. If you are at home and need a little bit of a 'pick-me-up', you can have your massage therapist at your door. If you're traveling and need to feel more comfortable, a hotel massage can make you feel right at home.