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Acupressure FaceLift.

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Acupressure Facelifts strengthen and promote the production of collagen and elastin which slows down as we age. That's what keeps your face plump and in effect fills in those wrinkle lines. After only a few treatments you can see lasting results. The most benefit is after 10 sessions.

We recommend treating yourself once a week and then once a month for maintenance. Anyone can benefit. Even young people can benefit because it oxygenates the skin for wrinkle prevention, improves circulation and removes impurities to lessen blemishes.

The treatment can last up to an hour on the face leaving short term reddening with the feel of ten years younger.


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“Thanks to LA Body Points and Acupressure FaceLifts, I have really felt a nice difference.  I have to say it has really helped me a lot.  And I enjoy the sessions very much, it has helped my recovery, it has helped my cheek feel a lot better and I am very grateful.  Thanks to LA Body Points!”

~ Risa Sheppard, Acupressure FaceLift Recipient





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